On-line Shopping for Books, Music and Video

Click on Shakespeare's baby picture to enter our On-Line Book Shop. 

Click Here For On-Line SalesThrough our On-Line Book Shop you can shop for Books, Video, and Music at any time convenient for you.  You can have the items shipped to your home or to anywhere in the country. Additionally, you can shop for textbooks, in both print and download formats.   

You are also welcome to use the On-Line site for research and still place your order from the shop.  Just call us with the ISBN number and we'll do the rest.  When you order through the shop, there is no shipping charge if you pick up your books.

In the on-line book shop you will also see a tab for BLIO. Blio is an ebook that requires no special device to read the books, and is available exclusively through Independent Book Shops like ours.  The software is free, and allows you to read Blio eBooks on any PC device. So while you are in our On-Line Book Shop, take a look at Blio, another option in eReading!